Hmm. Have spent the morning confusing myself about money, and making my January rent. Sorry, I know this isn’t really ‘graduate careers’ related, but it’s just bubbling away in my mind. The new job comes with a weekly salary, but paid monthly. I think. By cheque. And they pay on the 16th ish of each month. At first I panicked and was like “aaaah I’m not going to get paid til mid-Jan and I have to make my rent!”… then I realised I will be working there on the 16th ish of December (idiot)… So I should in all probability get paid something then, right?

Oh, this is very confusing. Maths and I have never been friends. I was always an English student. I read so fast my boyfriend won’t share the newspaper with me anymore, and I will read anything, but I spent many GCSE evenings crying over quadratic equations. And I got a B overall, which isn’t even bad!… But things get rusty with lack of practice, and I’ve spent the past six years indulging myself in words, words, words (why yes, that is a Shakespeare quote, thank you for noticing!). I’m sure I sound pretty thick to anyone reading… but anything accountancy just gives me a brain freeze.

But while there are things you have a natural aptitude for, there are others that you just have to be able to clunk along with, or how will you get by as an adult? I may be rabbit-in-headlights-esque now, but I will get a grip on finances and things, because I kind of have to.

When you’re a kid, everything’s done for you. With GCSE’s and A-Levels, and even your degree, your encouraged to follow the things you’re good at, the things you enjoy doing. Well I was, anyway. Then suddenly you’re a grown up and there’s all these things you just have to do, have to get your head around, and ‘I don’t want to’ doesn’t cut it any more.  I’m good at budgeting, but if my ‘system’ changes then you have to get used to everything again. And you have to, it’s sink or swim. I don’t want to ‘fail’ at being a grown up.

It’s like what I was saying the other day about new stages in your life. Learning these things is kind of part of it all. With new stages come new ways of negotiating your way through them. New opportunities and new benefits, yes (helloooo, Topshop), but also new restrictions and responsibilities. Which you won’t necessarily know how to handle until you’re doing it. In life you learn on the job. I like to think I’m good at that, despite my maths-related panic. And even if I haven’t worked out the ‘How To’ details, I’m ready to start learning.

Sorry, I realise this is kind of a post about nothing. But like I said, this blog is about a graduate’s day to day, and this is what’s on my mind!

More interesting things soon, I am sure. I start the new job a week today and I cannot wait :-).


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