Part 2

Morning all! Panic not, I have come back to Earth… ūüôā There will be no air punching, ‘woop woop’-ing or use of smileys for the duration of this post, I promise. Well, except for that one.

Thought I would share with you some insights from my weekend. It was quite a timely one! I was in Sheffield staying with one of my best friends, and old uni housemate, the lovely Sian. She’s been living ‘oop North’ (as anyone who knows me will tell you, I am hilariously Southern… Bristol is ‘the North’ to me!) since the summer, as she’s just got her first job up there as a primary school teacher.

Now this blog is all about ‘getting there’ – making that tricky transition from sort-of sorted (i.e,¬†still relishing opportunities to¬†leave the house in PJ’s) student to fully-fledged ‘young professional’. And I kept telling Sian how¬†great it was to see her in her ‘new life’. Well,¬†the new part of her life. She’s made that leap, the step onward, to the next bit.

She lives in a¬†brand new, 2-bed flat, with her lovely boyfriend, and teaches a 15-minute tram ride away in a really¬†busy, vibrant school. She is responsible for educating people’s actual children. She has a land line. She’s… a grown up!

Not that I am surprised, of course. Sian is one of the most brilliant people I know – she’s caring and fun, hugely¬†hard-working and incredibly determined. (And a demon on the dancefloor, but that’s by the by.) When she decided she wanted to be a primary school teacher, you just knew she was going to be fantastic at it. She’s one of those people who just really fit with their career aspiarations. Knowing Sian, it was primary teaching or Blue Peter presenter – she’s that kind of person.

It goes to show that hard work does pay off.¬†She got there.¬† That why I’m glad I saw her this weekend, as I start to get where I want to be with this PR job. We got to giggle about ‘the old times’ at Uni;¬†nights out, our infamous Eurovision parties, the time I tried to cook dinner for my boyfriend for the first time ever but didn’t know how to turn the oven on (true story)… but also start to get excited with each other about where we are now. Because we aren’t looking into the future any more – it’s actually happening now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty nervous about starting next week. I’m not just starting a job – I feel like I’m starting ‘real life’. But it’s about time. Bring it on ūüôā


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