Party poppers!

Today, ladies and gents, I become a grown up.

Today, ladies and gents, has been one hell of a day.

After I freaked out and phoned mum (see below), I had an email from the PR company. Inviting me to ring them, because they ‘had some good news’ for me… I rang and… I GOT THE JOB!

Permit my veil of professionalism to fall for just a sec here – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Phew! Right, okay. Calm!

But SO SO HAPPY, I am SO happy! I was really trying hard not to think about it, but honestly? I would have been gutted if I hadn’t got it. Not because I think I’m worth anything special (I mean, obviously, I think I’m good – but I’m not cocky), I just want this so badly. This is what I’ve been working for since I did my Year 11 work experience, back in the day. Oh goodness me!

I told my manager and everything’s fine, and I start on the 1st of December 🙂 not 100% sure when I’ll finish for Christmas or anything, might have to tell Mum the panto’s off!

And yes, I got my MA results too. Got 63 for my dissertation, which I am chuffed with! I would have loved 65+, but think I can definitely be happy with that.

My last ever moment of education. And my first ‘real’ job. Wowzers.

Time for some celebrations!


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