News from the Home Front

Feeling refreshed after early night last night. Slept ridiculously well – it always makes me realise how badly I must have slept the night before when I follow it with a good 10-hour snooze! Butterflies in my tummy today though – I know they said I wouldn’t hear til next week but, you know, what if…? This is basically my Plan A almost in my reach after all!

I got good vibes, it just depends how well the others they were interviewing went! They said 38 had applied, then were shortlisted for interview. 38 for 1 job – is it bad that those odds don’t faze me?  I think it is; shows how much that mental level competition is just par for the course these days.

Mixed bag of news from the Home Front last night. Had a good catch up with a friend of mine also looking for PR work (but at home, not here). She’s just got back from 4 months travelling and reality’s biting hard, I think. From Fijian beaches to job hunting – not a desirable swap, is it?

She’s had some luck though – she tweeted a Travel PR company that she saw in the local paper, who, after reading her CV, have invited her in ‘for a cup of tea and a chat’! Fantastic! It just shows how important it is to really seize opportunities. And shows the power of Twitter, too, especially in the PR game. (You can follow me on Twitter through the link below, by the way, if you’re interested…!)

Others at home aren’t having such luck. I know my market research into how my peers are getting on with their job hunts mainly consists of analysing their Facebook statuses… but it’s a good indicator, even if just a sort of flash point one.

Something I’ve noticed in the past couple of weeks is that for all the ‘Will someone please hire me!?’ statuses, there’s a decent amount anonuncing ‘yay! got the job! moving to London!’ It shows that there are jobs out there, because otherwise all the job websites my generation are living their lives on would have nothing on them. And  competition is fierce – but it goes to show, someone has to get it.

A friend of mine who finished her MA the same time as me regularly posts the companies who’ve most recently rejected her. But today I saw a post from another friend who’s finally landed a job with Gorkana (good girl!), a year and a half after graduating.

It’s good motivation, to both stay positive and to keep trying. Okay, so there were 38 applications viewed alongside mine for the job yesterday, but they have to pick one of us, right? Positive mental attitude.


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