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I’m a big fan of the PR Moment website. They post regular articles featuring advice, industry surveys or current views, and ‘Days in the Life’ of various PR bods (interesting look into the future (hopefully!)). They also do a weekly ‘Good PR / Bad PR’ column, which is hilarious and educational in equal measure. Check out the one this week about Derbyshire Police…!

It’s this week’s ‘Inside PR’ feature I want to draw your beady eyes too, though: What’s the best piece of PR advice you’ve ever had?

I know I’ve blogged about career advice concerning a particular industry before, but like my previous post about the Guardian’s tips for cracking TV, this has got some points that people who aren’t PR-oriented will find useful too.

I particularly like this guy –  ‘…a boss who apparently thought me a bit needy, suggested that I should always seek criticism over praise. One makes you better, the other makes you lazy.’

I was never good with criticism when I was a young naive undergraduate (I never used to read my essay feedback – I know, I know…), but it’s something I really welcome these days. You’ve gotta learn after all!

In other news, still now word about MA results. Must. Stop. Refreshing. Inbox…


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