Interview debrief

So. Job interview this morning! How was it, I hear you cry!

I think it went well… but it’s always hard to tell. I didn’t come out in tears thinking what a disaster it had been, anyway! I answered everything they asked me, got lots of positive ‘mms’ and ‘that’s a good answer’-s, and they liked my CV and the work experience I’d done. After the questions I had to write a press release from the information they gave me. I had an hour to do it but the guy said, ‘with your experience, I doubt it’ll take you that time!’ – and it didn’t which was good (can you imagine if it had?), it took me about 25 minutes in the end. And I think I wrote it well – I’d been on their website earlier in the week to check out their ‘house style’, and tried to fit what I wrote in with that.

Whenever I do things like this, I have a bit of a system. I prepare, so that I can go in there and do it as well as I can, then come out and – forget about it! Not entirely, obviously (they said I won’t hear back until next week, but I’ve definitely checked my emails a couple of times since then…). But I don’t think it helps to stew on things. It used to drive me bonkers when you come out of an exam and people start grilling you – ‘what did you write for this? what did you write for this?’ – don’t! You’ve done it, you can’t do anything more.

That said, things do stay on your mind. I found myself thinking my answers over this afternoon… so went into town. Topshop and Starbucks are excellent distractions! 

I jotted down the questions they asked me (not sure if it’s appropriate to post them on here so I haven’t) – a tip from the boyfriend, and a good idea. Trying not to beat myself up about things, or make myself paranoid – what will be will be.

Feel like I can relax now. Time for Frozen Planet!


Also – the article I helped write for Go Wales is in The Times today! And would you look at that, you still have 3 hours and 7 minutes to grab a copy! My bit’s in the middle. Mother very proud 🙂


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