How to get ready

I think I’m just destined never to watch this series of Young Apprentice. Though this week I have a really good excuse… I’m prepping for a job interview!

Had a call today from that PR agency, and the interview’s Wednesday morning. Eek, eek and eek again. I’m nervous but excited too – I really want to show them who I am and what I can do. Not sure how many are being interviewed, but I texted my friend from my internship who used to work there and she said loads had applied. The agency had actually rung her on Friday to ask about me!! They’d seen on my CV I’d worked with her. She said she’d told them I was awesome – I literally love her for that. That’s the power of networking, kids! I am awesome, but it’s not that British to blow your own trumpet is it. Maybe that’s why interview preperation is hard – you have to sell yourself, without appearing arrogant or cocky.

When I’m getting ready for an interview there’s a few things to do. Firstly – prepare, prepare, prepare! It’s SO important to spend time getting ready – an interview, particularly for a job you really want – is no place to wing it.  My prep falls into two sections: researching them, and outlining things about myself. I’ve been all through their website, picking out things I think resonate. Then I’ve been trying to think of all the questions they might ask me in the interview, and prepare answers. State something, then back it up from your experience – give relevant and recent examples.

It takes ages, but it’s worth it! I was so glad I’d done all the prep I had when I was interviewed for my job at the mo – it was actually something they commented on when I was offered it. It’s thrown me a bit only have tonight and tomorrow to do it, but I’m on it. My boyfriend’s even going to do a fake interview with me tomorrow to practice – once I’ve thought through my answers and jotted them down, I try and refine them to the key points, and practice actually saying them out loud. It’s important not to waffle, and to be comfortable and confident actually presenting the information you have.

(Talking about fake interviews – just allow me to indulge in this for a bit – one of my fave Gavin and Stacey moments!:

It was the first thing my housemates said when I told them about the interview – you can tell we’re Cardiff students!)

Just have to remember, they’ve asked to interview you because they like what they’ve seen so far. Now you just have to prove to them their interest is definitely well placed!

I’ll let you know how it goes. And eventually I’ll catch up on Young Apprentice!


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