BOOM! Productivity increase. Spotted a 6-month internship and just sent off the application.

I think my little self-realisation yesterday was quite illuminating. Maybe it’s a middle-of-the-week thing: I haven’t Got Much Done so far this week, and now it’s Wednesday. And I don’t want it to get to the end of the week without acheiving something!

I need to get back into the swing of seeing things-applying for things, but this one reminded me: filling out applications is hard!

The bit I find hardest is the covering letter. That is the clincher, in my opinion. Reminds me of writing my personal statement for uni, and it’s essentially the same game. There’s going to be a lot of people out there with qualifications just as good as yours (the bit your CV shows them)… but what makes you stand out?

Now I’m not going to lie, my personal statement kicked ass. I was proud of that bad boy. After struggling to get rolling with it for a few days, an idea hit me and – bam! One personal statement. I just wish I could get so fired up about covering letters.

I am a BIG believer that you should NEVER send just one standard covering letter out with whatever you’re applying for. Even if you’re applying for lots of similar roles, the jobs will have their nuances and the companies will be looking for slightly diffeerent things. But it’s hard, trying to tweak it, shift it around, foregrounding certain things over others… makes my brain ache. Think I got there with this one, though; a big thing they were looking for is organisation, and if there’s one thing I genuinely pride myself on, it’s that!

At least there weren’t any of those psychometric aptitude tests for this one… *shudder*. Was up to my eyeballs in those this time last year, trying to get into the Civil Service Fast Stream. My sympathies if that’s where you are right now, it is NOT fun! (Get down to the careers service near you – they were angels when I tried.)

Applications are a b*tch. But they have to be done. LOTS of them, most likely. If nothing comes of this one, I’ll (try not silently panic and) just put it down to (cover letter writing) experience, and look for the next one. I’ve got to start remembering to just go for whatever I see – not in the desperate sense, but because it’s often things you don’t think will come to much that surprise you. Positive mental attitude.


In other news, realised my Junior Apprentice post from Monday isn’t showing here for some reason… will get on that ASAP! Also, Twitter (I flipping love Twitter) tells me there’s something on tonight that might be v v useful to anyone looking to start their own business. How We Made Our Millions on BBC2 at 9pm, with dragon Peter Jones and Ultimo’s Michelle Mone. Maybe it’ll give those Junior Apprentice tykes some tips?


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