It’s all so quiet

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front, which I’ve realised this evening is because it’s been a little quiet on the job front… does this mean I’m getting comfortable? Or even, dare I say it, complacent?

Just had a really good chat with my MA friend S. She’s the one I used to describe as a unicorn – a grad who scored a job doing what she loves just as her course was finishing. A rare breed indeed! She asked how things were going ‘on the job hunting front’ and I realised, I’ve slowed down a bit in my searching. 

I’ve applied for that one fantastic-looking one, with the PR agency here in Cardiff, specifically looking to recruit a recent graduate. (Not heard anything yet, but it only closed today). But that’s the first thing I’ve applied for in a little while. I’ve definitely even resisted applying for a couple of positions I’ve seen recently – well not resisted, but there’s definitely been a few I’ve read through, had open on my computer all day, but not actually sent off for. Hmm! This is not a good thing!

Come on, Sally. Don’t get lazy, don’t get comfy. Yes it’s good the job’s working out, but remember – it’s a stop gap. It’s not going to be forever. Keep looking. Get that motivation back!


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