Nothing more you can do

Just applied for a job I really honestly think I’d have a pretty good chance of getting… Now this is a good and a bad thing! You read the vacancy description and think, ‘Wait a minute, this is a description of me! I can literally do all of those things!’ You send off the application and your beautifully crafted covering letter and sit back and relax and then….


The ‘What ifs’ come calling.

Ohh. I know I’m qualified for this job. I know I’d be amazing at it. I even know a bit about the company, how friendly and everything they are – I’m pretty sure they’d love me. But in the process of conveying that to them there’s SO MUCH THAT CAN GO WRONG!

Now I’ve said it before, I’m a worrier. If I was a Disney character, I’d be this guy:

Complete with raincloud!

So this is what’s going through my mind right now.

What if I spelt something wrong? (I kind of want to mockingly laugh at this in a ‘Pah! I did a linguistics masters, spelling is my bag, baby’ kind of way. I checked and checked, but you never know!)

I really think I could get an interview for this one. But what if I don’t?

And if I don’t, what was wrong with my application?

Oh God, there’s clearly something epically wrong with my applications and I have no idea what it is.

Oh GOD, how am I ever going to do this!??

… Scrap the Eeyore, it’s like a hamster going round in a wheel. Have Disney ever done a hamster movie? Told you I was a worrier.

I’m determined to put it to the back of my mind, resigned to the fact that my application was a) perfectly spelt b) included everything relevant and c) generally pretty spanking. It’s like when you come out of an exam (thank God those days are behind me) – there’s nothing more you can do, right?

But what if that still isn’t enough?


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