Distractions: Young Apprentice

Sorry for the bit of a break between my last post and this one – I have been struck down with a nasty kidney infection 😦 Still waiting on that email! D said they’d make a decision last Monday. So I emailed her last Tuesday lunchtime in a ‘helloooo, any news?’ sort of way. Tried to make it the email equivalent of ‘oh well I was just passing by, thought I’d pop in…’… nada. Agggh.

So we return to a common theme of the great grad job hunt: Frustration! This is why you don’t necessarily hope, you definitely don’t plan, you just go for it and see what happens. You try and remain objective. There’s too much rejection in this field to do otherwise. I know that’s hard to do – particularly the not-planning. Every time I go to London I plan my little life there! *sigh*. Opportunities like these are like a ghostly, translucent chain of events you can almost see happening – it just needs that one email catalyst to make it a reality.

Anyway, something to help pass the time on Monday nights was the return of Young Apprentice. Previously Junior Apprentice, for any of you big Apprentice fans like me out there! It does unnerve me ever so slightly how people so much younger than me have such incredible business acumen. I think Craig David had it right when he said some people are just Born To Do It, born with that Alan (sorry, Lord) Sugar-esque drive. I am ambitious, and would like to be successful, but I’ve never got really stuck into business-y things. These kids, they’re like business machines. Saying that though, I remain happy to join the viewing public in shouting at the TV, telling the contestants what they’re ‘obivously’ doing wrong…

I did think it was good that A-Sug (ha!) warned them that, being kids, they obviously won’t know everything, so they shouldn’t try to. I think in this one maybe he is looking for more of an apprentice figure, in the sense of a mini-him. I don’t know if it’s necessarily more watchable than the adult one (kids arguing – annoying!) but  knowing me, I’ll be hooked!

My body’s apparent desire to reject my kidneys stopped me watching episode 2 last night, but I promise I’ll catch up.

So who stood out from the first one? The task was to create their own ice cream (or frozen yoghurt) and then flog said icy treat. Biggest profit wins a lovely prize. I did think the girls’ team’s (Kinetic) lack of maths ability was pretty funny! Albeit in a ‘they can’t even add up? where did they find these kids!’ kind of way…! Their shoddy sums meant they ended up having to seriously jack up their prices – but they still beat the boys. Despite their pirate theme and ‘charming’ sales banter, Mahammed ended up in the firing line for being quite aggressive. Now he was definitely a ‘where did they find this kid!!’ kind of candidate…!

My money’s on Harry M to win it, and (please!) annoying Irishman James McCullagh to go next. None of the girls have really stood out for me yet, except Zara – and that was more for her horrible dress in the boardroom! I know, I know, don’t be mean… Ohh Apprentice, you really do bring out the worst in me.


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