Small cogs in big machines

Still not heard anything about Londres. Bit frustrating, but a big part of this grad job business is the waiting game. With a big company, filling the post might not be the top of their priorities.  Although that does leave grads like us hanging on the telephone! I’d go at the drop of a hat if I need to – you know me, I applied for uni the day before A-Level results came out, I loves the drama.  

But on the plus side, if you are waiting like me, and even if nothing comes of it, a big company now knows your name and has your  information. And may have other similar things in the future, that they go, ‘Oh! Remember so-and-so…?’. Plus, if you fell into their lap through the recommendation of a friend (like me with D), they must surely realise someone wouldn’t risk their personal or professional reputation by suggesting someone she didn’t think was up to it. So the waiting game has good points!

(Definitely still alarmed one of the builders when I nearly cried with frustration having got work to yesterday and finding the whole email system was down… I’m such a girl sometimes.)


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