Just read this . Oh dear.

It made me think, should I be doing something else? Would it be easier to try and do something else? But then – what’s the point if it’s not the thing I love doing?

At the end of the day, the things worth having aren’t easy. And I’d rather work that bit harder to make it in what I want to, than just pick the easy way out.

Sha-zam! Empowerment! I have foiled thee, article, thou hast not freaked me out! In fact it’s done the opposite.

Graduates – being negative is easy. Don’t get sucked in. Yeah, it’s hard – but think about how good it’ll feel when you get there. That just makes it so much more worth it.

(EDIT: Also, incredibly disappointed that they’ve spelt ‘graduates’ wrong in the article’s title… I mean really, if they can’t even spell that I am DEFINITELY qualified to work for them!!)


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