Day 1

So today I had my first actual day at the Hub. Opened up for half 9 and got ready to help some students. And it’s quiet so far but… it’s OK! I’ve started. I am an employed graduate. Boom. And while it ruins my hair, I don’t even mind the walk up here – thanks to that and aerobics, I’m developing quite the banging bod so far this year.

It’s mostly selling hoodies at the moment, but that’s fine, and I’ve been making sure I’m friendly and smiley and chatting to the people when they come in. I want them to like me, and to keep coming back. Think I’m rediscovering the reasons I wanted to do this job in the first place – I go into ‘Help the Freshers’ mode. And once people are more aware of the things they can do through me, I expect it’ll pick up. Even started making friends with the coffee shop ladies.

Don’t get me wrong – I still would LOVE to be working in PR. But I’m coming to terms with the fact that that is so unrealistic – in the Current Economic Climate, I am one of the lucky ones. D said yesterday that a lot of their interns have moved back in with their parents to do it. Although that did make me worry a bit.  Firstly for the fact that they had a lot of interns. It’s hard to be constantly trying to stand out in a crowd. Even when you know what industry you want to go into, you’re still just trying to distinguish yourself from all the graduates who want to do what you want to do too, rather than from ALL graduates. You’re still a small fish in a big, teeming pond – you’ve just moved ponds.

I also got stuck thinking about the fact that they’d moved back in with the ‘rents to do the PR stuff. Does that make them more committed to it than me? Am I taking it seriously enough? I think I am…  At least I’ve got a bit of security and an income at the moment. On the one hand, it would be silly to just throw that away. But on the other hand… should I be thinking about the other hand?

That’s the thing about job hunting. The whole standing-out-from-the-crowd thing just means you’re constantly questioning yourself. You’re thinking, ‘Ooh. What are they doing? How are they doing it? Oh God, should I be doing that?’ Have to remember though, everyone’s circumstances are different, and what leads to one person getting their break might not do it for everyone. Random example: Jessie J sat on the books of her record label for 5 years before hitting the big time – Justin Bieber just popped up on YouTube.

My heart sank a bit too as that Christmas work experience I was hoping to secure through D doesn’t look like it’s happening now. However, R also mentioned his cousin’s cousin (tedious link but that’s networking for you) works in PR – he swore he’d told me before but I really don’t think he did – so that’s another possible. And N from the charity I interned with passed me her new contact details, and offered to read my grad scheme application. Which I WILL smash tonight.

So things are moving… but in the same way a glacier moves. R-e-a-l-l-y slowly… and leaving you kind of cold. But in this game, I guess any movement is good!


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