*rolls eyes*

No, totaljobs.com, I don’t want to become a driving instructor…

… Told you some job sites send out annoying emails! Honestly, what’s the point of job search filters if you aren’t going to stick to them? Hate emails that waste my time like that. Especially when I’m waiting for an email. It’s from D about Christmas work experience, which I really really want to get! Especially considering my contact at the charity I interned with has got a new job. I wonder when she actually leaves… hope she sees my ‘Best of luck in your new job / Would you mind helping me with my grad scheme application’ email before she goes :-/ Can I still put her as a reference when she doesn’t work there any more?

Ohh how good would it be to just be given a break! I always thought ‘Getting Your Big Break’ was only something that happened in showbiz. But nope, everyone has to start somewhere – everyone is just waiting for one guy to read their CV and thinking, ‘Ooh, you know what, let’s go for this guy!’. Was talking about this with R last night (over wine and pub food, mmmm) for when it comes to pupillage interviews for him. It doesn’t matter if you have 25 interviews and don’t get any offers, or only fill in 1 application and get it straight away – all it takes is for that one guy to just give you a break.

Some people have it easy in life, and some people sit like I do and just think ‘God, I would be SO good at this. I really hope they can see that. And just give me a chance!’


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