#2 – Anti-worrying

Anti-worrying is everything you do to combat the things you’re worried about. Don’t just sit there thinking, woe is me  – do something about it!

#1 – Don’t eat Ben and Jerry’s.

I know that this Doing Something About It malarkey isn’t always easy. Everyone has days when they feel like Eeyore under the raincloud, and just think ‘Everything’s So Bad’.

Don’t take career advice from this guy.

I can be a big fan of the Everything’s So Bad philosophy. Admittedly I’m getting better, but sometimes I do just sit in my bed and think – ‘well. This is sh*t’. I get properly down. You know what it’s like.

But this post is about anti-worrying. Feeling sorry for yourself can feel weirdly good, in a strange, Bridget-Jones-eating-Ben-and-Jerry’s kind of way, but this my friends does not help matters. If you just wallow (in self pity or in ice cream) you’ll just wake up feeling worse. Give yourself 5 minutes to feel crap, maybe ring your Mum – if she’s anything like mine she’ll either give you good Mum Advice that makes you feel loads better, or tell you to shut up and stop whinging. Either way, bad mood over.
#2 – Embrace your free time!

I’m both lucky and unlucky in that my job is term time only. Unlucky because it means I don’t get paid all that much. But lucky because I get the holidays off – so I’ve got time to get work experience.

I know you’ve heard this before, but honestly, DO IT. Act early, act fast, and be persistent (but try not to piss anyone off). Again, easier said than done. So here’s some tips…
#3 – Use it or lose it

It is a truth universally acknowledged that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. If you’re anything like me you may well have resisted this in the past, eager to Do It Yourself. And while I still have little respect for people who walk straight into cushy jobs courtesy of Daddy, you have to (begrudgingly) let it slide. If you are lucky enough to have ANY connections – use them or lose them.

Do you know anybody who currently does what you want to do, or similar? If not, play 6 degrees of separation – do you know someone who knows someone? I’ve managed to get a week at a PR agency in London through my godmother’s daughter in law (never write off relatives’ 60th birthday parties. Surprising networking opportunity, and most fun I’ve had in years). My boyfriend’s cousin’s cousin works in PR; he’s emailed her my CV. And with the prevalence of social media like Facebook and Twitter (get to know these, especially Twitter), nobody is too impossible to contact.
#4 – Help people help you

It’s really important to put the word out that you’re looking. Even if you don’t know it, you’d be surprised how close you are to someone who can help you.   Tell your mum, tell your friends, tell people on Facebook! There is absolutely no shame in it – people know that’s how it is nowadays.

And finally, one thing I’ve found recently is that there are some genuinely Nice People out there. People who want to help you – who, when you put down the phone, you turn slightly into your mother and go ‘aww. He was nice.’ (Well, I do anyway). The PR exec who I’ll be working with in April was genuinely up for helping me, because she’s been in exactly the same position when she started. She knows exactly how vital a leg up into the industry is, and was pleased to be able to pay back the help she’d been given.

Above all, keep trying, keep asking. Don’t put your aspirations on the back burner, as that’s how people get stuck in ruts they never intended to be in. Keep them on your mind – doing something proactive will keep your mind off worrying, and you never know when an opportunity will pop up.

(Oh, and when you’re big time, remember to pay it back).


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