We interrupt this transmission…

I was going to write this post this afternoon about worrying and anti-worrying. The Job Stuff I find myself constantly worried about, and anti-worrying, which is What I’m Going To Do About those worries. I’m a proactive person – if you realise something is a problem, you should try and think of all the things you can do to help get around it, or ideally make it go away. And I think that some of the things I worry about would ring bells with other grads like me.

But then I got an email. It was from the Head of PR at the charity I interned with. I’d seen a vacancy on their website for a Head of PR, so I had messaged a few days ago to ask whether it was her that was leaving and where she was off to – you know, keeping in touch, keeping my name in their minds and all that (good tip there – don’t be annoying, but make sure they’re reminded of your existence!).

She replied to say yep, she was leaving, bigtime London job had called her name – and was I considering applying for her role.

Sorry. What?

Me? It’s for Head of PR! Even having a chance?? It never even occurred to me to apply when I’d seen the vacancy – I don’t think I have the experience. Which I told her – and she replied well, the company know you, you’ve got nothing to lose…

(She literally put “…” – I think it’s that that was most persuasive. Appeals to the cryptic in me.)

So I did what everyone does when they’re not sure what to do… I rang my mum.

Go for it, she says (it’s her motto – it might as well be her voicemail). So I err… kind of did. Then had a bit of a panic as I realised my current BOSS is my reference… oh Goddd. There’s something to lose – my current job. Can you get in trouble for that kind of thing?!

But – you know – what would you have done?

That’s one of the things expected of us graduates these days. If an opportunity pops up, you have to be prepared to grab it, literally GRAB IT, no matter how out of the blue. Which is a bit sad, really. And also absolutely terrifying. I don’t know if you’re the same, but I’m a considered, calculating kind of person. I don’t like taking risks, I like plans. I like goals, and steps, and procedures. Basically, I’m a bit of a wimp. But you can’t be like that nowadays – the steps I’ve taken towards Getting A Good Job have actually not really led me there. It may be called ‘Futher’ education, ‘Higher’ education, as if you’re working towards something on an upper level. But you get to the top of the steps and… there’s not actually anything there. You have to just wait for someone to throw you a rope, and then grab it.

I honestly don’t think I’ve got a chance, I just did it because she told me to (an excuse I haven’t used since the playground)… but five words keep materialising in my brain: how good would it be!!


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