Monday Monday

Weekend flew by, Monday morning again!

So. Continuing my gradual self-introduction, I feel I should tell you a bit about my job. I basically runa mini Students’ Union for the university’s secondary campus, which is based in and around a hospital. The hospital-based students (Medics, Dentists, Nurses, OT’s, all that scrubs-wearing jazz) used to have their own Union, but this disappeared when the university and the medical college merged. Cue a lot of ill-feeling between the two campuses – and fair enough really!

Enter moi. This year is essentially a big PR exercise for the Union and the dominant campus – How To Get The Medics To Like Us Again. So my role is a new role, and I’ll split my time between the main Union and my mini Union (the Hub, as it will be called once it’s finished), working to link the two. Anything that the Union does that I can do up there, I will.

So when I started (a little while ago now! It’s still being refitted up there…) I had training in lots of the Union’s different services and departments. Kind of like immersion therapy – by spending a day or two with the department I could get a better understanding of what exactly they do, and how.

Which brings us up to now. Like I said, I’m going to be based at the other campus. Which is (meant to be) being refitted. But as that hasn’t started yet I’m kind of floating around down here… where there isn’t a lot for me to do.

It’s fair enough really – my job won’t be based here, so of course people can’t be exactly expected to have projects down here for me to help with. It just leaves me a bit… well…  at a loose end.

Luckily, I’m good at making myself useful, but I also know when asking crosses into pestering. I don’t want to p*ss people off, but it leaves me kind of teetering between letting people know I’m available and looking busy. I feel like a bit of a fraud sometimes – maybe that’s my years of working at Sainsbury’s, where ‘standing around doing nothing’ is the ultimate taboo, kicking in.

Sometimes I don’t mind, because as I said in the first post, it’s easy, it’s quite fun, and once I get started it’ll be good. Though one woman at the other campus, when I told her I’d be there full time, said “oh God. Good luck with that.” Encouraging!

Happy Monday everyone – 4 days til the weekend…!


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