Making myself useful

At work. Today so far I have:

– spent 1.5 hours counting, laminating and hole-punching 160 lanyards

– spent 45 mins stapling student police volunteers’ application forms (45 mins so far – I paused to write this because my arm hurts. Stapling gives you guns, right?)

I don’t really mind doing it – someone has to, and I like to make myself useful. And if anyone (hi, Dad, again) asks what I did today, I’m helping get things ready for Freshers’ Week, which isn’t technically a lie.

Sometimes when you’re entry-level you have to do a bit of the boring stuff. It’s just what you do. I don’t get these graduate interns whinging about having been given photocopying to do, or (God forbid!) having to make the tea. Do it! Get your head down, put a smile on your face, and just do it. Yes, I’ve had some ‘Oh God, I wish I was doing something more‘  moments, but everyone starts at the bottom. These days, having a degree does not mean you are owed anything. It’s sad, but true.

Just keep in mind that, one day,  it’llpay off – and you’ll have someone to do the stapling for you :-).


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