‘Hi, I’m Sally and I’m a postgrad…’

I thought a bit about me would be a good place to start. I loved university. I spent three years studying the things I love,  English Literature and English Language, and left with some letters after my name.

Well, I didn’t quite leave. At the end of year 3 I realised I wasn’t done learning yet. And I was slightly ashamed of myself for having chickened out of an undergraduate dissertation (thank you Joint Honours module structure!). So I stuck around and did a Masters – yep, this title is how I genuinely introduced myself to people during Freshers’ Week last year (my fourth). Embarassing. Results may be pending as I type (eek), but I’ve (hopefully) got some more letters after my name and can officially call myself a Forensic Linguist. Don’t worry if you don’t know what Forensic Linguistics is – I’ve got a pretty sweet definition down if anyone wants it.

Ask anyone I was at uni with, I’m a self-confessed Students’ Union geek. I even work for them now. Yep, I’m a graduate with a job – and not one that involves a checkout (I’m sure there’ll be a ‘thank God’ post about my 5 years at Sainsbury’s one day). I know I’m a pretty rare breed. And I honestly like my job! But I also know that this isn’t what I want to be doing – what I would really and truly love to roll out of my bed to five days a week. It’s fun, and most importantly it pays the bills (I can’t believe I felt being eligible for council tax was an acheivement) – but it’s a stepping stone. Hopefully it’ll help me get where I want to be.

What I would REALLY love to do is PR. Public Relations. Yes please. And I’ve sort of already done it – bits of it. When I was in Year 11 I got a placement with an agency at home, who I ended up still writing press releases for years later. I always wondered whether their clients knew a sixteen year old was penning their promo…!  Then at uni I worked for for the Union’s campaigns and events team, which I eventually got to help coordinate, honing my marketing skills and awareness. This year just gone I was PR and Campaigns Intern at a national cancer charity, and even managed to convince my dissertation supervisor that communication campaign evaluation was definitely related to Forensic Linguistics.

Everything PR I’ve done has shown me yep – this is for me. And I may not be in a PR job right now but it got me thinking right – what can I do that will help.

The graduate/job situation is, to put things delicately, not ideal. So like I said in the previous post – now I know where I want to be, it’s just about the getting there. I’ll be keeping you posted. And if anyone reading can empathise, I’d love to hear from you!


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